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Too frequent sex, the vagina will "fart"

some women to the gynecology out-patient clinics, it is embarrassing to tell the doctor, recently found himself often have flow out of the vagina, sometimes accompanied by "porphyrin porphyrin" sound, the shape of
anus "fart", as they are very nervous confused.
Some complained to the doctor in sex, the two spirits are high, only to suddenly issue a vaginal ring, such as air from exhaust.
The same care for the couple stunned, I do not know where a problem.
All these, it is embarrassed.
The case of vaginal discharge is called "Yin blowing", occurs in women has given birth.
Regardless of birth, too frequent sexual intercourse and inflammation, may lead to deterioration of the vaginal muscle tone, so should fit tightly together, the gap between the vaginal wall, through which the gas should be tightly closed vagina
to go out, it will issue a "porphyrin porphyrin" sound.
Postpartum women susceptible to "Yin blowing" normal vagina is tightly fit together, like two vaginal opening closed doors.
However, during childbirth, the fetus through the birth canal, making the vagina due to excessive expansion and relaxation, or even loss of flexibility, so that the vaginal anterior and posterior wall can not fit tightly, and some form a cavity, it is easy to appear "Yin blowing" of the situation.
In general, many women in the puerperium can be back to normal, but some mothers can not fully recover, especially during childbirth labor too long, the fetus of pregnant women greater or pelvis narrow.
In addition to women's susceptibility to birth had a "yin blowing" sex life too frequently, can lead to contraction of vaginal muscle fatigue due to frequent, which appeared relaxed situation.
Artificial abortion, the need to use the tool distraction to the vagina, in which case, it may lead to vaginal relaxation "Yin blow", especially the repeated miscarriage in women.
Constipation will add "Yin blowing" will increase the negative symptoms of constipation blown symptoms.
Increased abdominal pressure in patients with constipation will cause the abdomen like a balloon inflated backlog of the vagina.
If patients do have a small amount of gas in the vagina, then it will be squeezed out and convey a clear sound.
In addition, vaginal infections, anaerobes, Trichomonas or some bacteria produce gas, there is still a "yin blowing" of the situation.
In this case, the vaginal discharge of the air more than the weak, but more important is to have increased vaginal discharge, genital itching or vaginal discomfort.
This is due to microbial infection of the vagina during the breeding process will produce gas co-exist in the vagina, when the body position changes or increased abdominal pressure, these gases discharged from the vagina.
Doctors advise that when this happens, it is timely to the hospital department of gynecology, and under the guidance of a doctor for treatment.
From the Chinese point of view, "Yin blowing" is a performance deficiency, postpartum disorders of women, often accompanied by the spleen, although the injury is not serious, and slower muscle recovery.
In these circumstances, when the vagina to form negative pressure (such as sit, breathe, etc.), the air is the deepest into the vagina, when the rose or increased abdominal pressure, the air discharge from the vagina, and often sound.
Then you can take the Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Angelica, composed of Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang.
In addition, some women "Yin blow" caused by liver qi stagnation can be taken under the guidance of a doctor spearheading.
As a result of inflammation of the vagina a "yin blowing" patients, in Chinese medicine is all about "focus under hot and humid," often accompanied by bitter mouth, dry mouth, thick yellow tongue coating, red tongue, backache and other symptoms, then you can take, including Treats, herb
such as "two wonderful casual" and "Eight is scattered," and so on.
How to prevent "negative blow?"
First, pay attention to post-natal conditioning, eat some Chinese medicine Qi and spleen blood, so that early resumption of the birth canal; Also, pay attention to the vulva clean and avoid dirty sex life, prevent bacteria infection; diet, edible Codonopsis, Poria, Chinese yam
, Citrus, lentils and other food spleen, often drink chicken soup, chicken soup with righting the effectiveness of the restoration of maternal health is very good; Finally, to maintain smooth stool.