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Urine bifurcation bifurcation is prostatitis urinary stream early symptoms of it?

Male urine or in the morning for the first time after a longer time interval between urination, urine bifurcation bifurcation line appears in urine, which is not prostatitis alarm? Urinary
bifurcation bifurcation urinary stream into both normal and abnormal conditions can not be generally said to be prostatitis.
Most of the occasional urinary stream bifurcation is due to adhesions caused by urethra, urinary flow of urine after bifurcation, after washing, you can return to normal, not a disease.
Usually pay attention to drink boiled water, every day they clean the lower body, can prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon.
Some occupations, such as drivers, computer users, sales and other, often to attend to the toilet of a busy, this can easily lead to urinary stream bifurcation.
After the sexual impulse, or sex, and sometimes appear in urine line bifurcation.
The former is due to sexual excitement causes genital congestion, urethral gland secretion increased, while the latter is left out in the urethra of semen are normal physiological responses is not necessary lead to blind panic.
If the long line of bifurcation of the case with urine, it is some of the genitourinary system diseases, urinary bifurcation such as urethritis and prostatitis.
In addition to these diseases outside the urinary stream bifurcation, often accompanied by urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria and other symptoms, causes are usually bacteria, chlamydia, mycoplasma, trichomonas, and molds.
Meanwhile, against pathogenic microorganisms, the involvement of inflammation of tissues and organs, urethra or prostate secretions of mucous exudate increased mucin secretion contains components, when the secretion of logistics to the urethral orifice after the water evaporates, mucin
adhesion to urethral orifice is closed, the urine can also occur when branch lines.
Long-term urethral case of bifurcation lines, are inflammatory diseases, we must promptly to hospital for treatment.
Suggest that you should be a routine prostate can generally be diagnosed, you can rest assured that if there is no inflammation, usually develop the habit of the water, can prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon.