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Aloe vera can cause a woman abortion?

In recent years, women favor highly aloe, aloe yogurt, aloe vera skin care products have become beauty beauty share, and some hotels will aloe vera onto the table, but it seems to nutrition, health, aloe in
Under certain conditions, but can cause miscarriage.
It is understood that aloe vera is native to Africa, hyacinth, the most common are two aloe vera, one is often cultivated in the general family sword aloe vera, it indigestion, loss of appetite and effective.
While the other is only processed leaf juice of Aloe flat sales for hyperacidity, stomach, duodenal ulcer and other symptoms effectively.
Aloe therefore known as "can replace a doctor," the drug.
However, the "three-drug", Institute of Food Science and Technology of China the information provided, if pregnant women drink aloe vera juice, can cause pelvic bleeding, and even cause miscarriage.
Women after the production of aloe mixed with milk ingredients, will stimulate the children, causing diarrhea.
Aloe Vera itself contains certain toxins, toxic dose of 9-15 grams.
Members generally may occur within 8-12 hours after eating, nausea, vomiting, severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, hemorrhagic gastritis and other toxic reactions.
Reminded about food hygiene supervision departments, aloe vera has some toxicity, without the approval of the health sector, will be allowed to use aloe as food ingredients.
The best doctors, under the guidance of consumers drink aloe vera juice, to ensure security.