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Men can also pregnant uterus transplantation UK R & D

AP China Daily: According to a British obstetrician, said the future of the uterus transplants would be a breakthrough technology that may be carried out in 2 years the world's first uterus transplant
The first uterus transplant is expected to nurture a child will be born within 3 years.
In particular, doctors said there was no gender limitations of portable objects, means that men can have children in the future.
According to Taiwan's "Today's News" reported the London Hammersmith Hospital, gynecologist, said he and the United States, Hungary and other countries co-researchers, and uterine transplantation in rabbits to test, resolve to maintain normal blood implanted in the uterus
supply problems, so the uterus can be a long time in an in vivo survival of transplant recipients and child.
Implantation rabbit uterus and although survival after mating, but not natural pregnancy.
Therefore, the researchers to further study, the use of artificial insemination methods, to see whether the uterine implantation of fetus.
MD, uterine response to the organ transplant is defective and can not come up with the expedient of pregnant women, due to organ transplant rejection will trigger the body, so after a transplant is necessary in the production of objects hysterectomy.
Physicians that, in theory, that men can also accept the transplanted uterus.
However, the risk of uterine transplantation in addition to surgery, the anti-rejection drugs may also adversely affect the fetus and even cause fetal malformation.
The uterus transplant technology and pioneering work, like many medical, ethical questions may lead to a series of problems.
<! - Picture in Picture PIP start --><!-- end -> According to Smith, said uterus transplants as well as during the subsequent pregnancy is divided into six areas: 1. Potential donors uterus
who offered to donate, and advance in organ donation center matching tests 6 months to ensure that the genetic match; 2. uterus transplant in time, due to removal of the uterus with only 12 hours viability; 3. recipient
who received post-transplant and pregnancy, you need to take a period of 3 months of anti-rejection drugs; 4. uterus transplant in the identification of new features under normal circumstances, the doctor will be frozen before the embryo transfer to the new womb; 5. child development mature
, will be born by cesarean section; 6. a child is born or transplanted uterus 2 to 3 years, if no birth, the uterus will be removed the new transplant to the total elimination of rejection.
Dr Smith said: "This transfer can only be short term, may be transplanted uterus in a woman's body can only be 2 to 3 years after the successful production of the uterus when the recipients will be taken out." Smith said,
He has proved to be the first successful womb transplant to provide a stable source of blood supply is entirely possible to break the major technical bottlenecks of uterine transplantation.
Smith said he will use a product called "blood vessel repair technique" approach to transplant the uterus, and uterus and aorta and other large blood vessel connection.
He claims that this new technology can provide sufficient time for the transplantation of uterine blood supply stable, thus ensuring the normal fetus within the uterus until the birth until the birth.
Although the transplanted uterus is becoming a reality, but the patient, to accept the womb transplants will face great risks.
Experts advise that in addition to uterine transplant is complex due to risk, to accept women also face transplants take immunosuppressive drugs to prevent long-term risk of exclusion, which may affect fetal development and even give birth to birth defects of pregnant women.
In addition, as "face transplant", as the uterus transplants raised the issue of medical ethics, but also to donors, recipients and their families are faced with enormous social pressure.
On male fertility through the introduction of the following, we will realize even more the importance of content to the above.
Human wisdom ah!
From a medical perspective of birth, men have children can be divided into the following steps: First, will first take an egg and sperm, in vitro fertilization, the technology is quite mature in medicine, that is, we often
said the first step in IVF.
Second, other new cleavage to a certain extent, the embryo into specific parts of the abdominal cavity men began to pregnancy, which is one of the steps in IVF.
Third, now, you can start a pregnancy.
Of course, this process is very different with the women, doctors need to "male mother" 24-hour monitoring, and its body through the catheter continuously added to estrogen, progesterone, etc., simulated in vivo environment for the normal pregnant women healthy growth of the fetus.
Fourth, when the fetus to grow to 6,7 months, taking into account the capacity of men and the abdominal cavity mother safety factors, the doctor will "male mother" cesarean sections, the fetus removed, and then put him in the incubator was raised,
And this technology is now very mature.
Insurmountable difficulties in the two men how to find a suitable location celiac?
IVF is a fertilized egg into the woman's uterus to let the growth and development, it is a natural human body a good place to nurture the baby, and men's abdominal cavity is different, need to navel, the use of laparoscopic implantation of the embryo male
abdominal specific site.
The site must meet two conditions: First, there must be adequate blood supply, because the fetus need to get a lot of nutrient supply; the other is not too close to large blood vessels away from the organ, or oppression of growing up in the fetal blood vessels, organs,
may result in the "male mother" body damage.
This is a difficult process of exploration, but scientists believe will be found.
"Male mother" the high level of male hormone the body, will affect the health of the fetus?
Normal women pregnant with a girl If you eat a lot of male hormones, then a child's health damage.
So people worry about is that if a man is pregnant with a girl, its high level of male hormones on the body's belly and how much influence the health of the fetus?
Moreover, in order for normal development of fetal growth and the need to inject a large number of male and female hormones inside her mother that the man in the high male hormone the body is bound to lead to endocrine disorders.
How to bring the disorder to minimize the damage to the organ, but also of great concern to scientists.
Two related research - men can be their own sperm cells and cultivated by their own eggs fertilized, birth out of their children June 20, 2008, University of Sheffield Stem Cells
Scientists on behalf of Life Centre, standing on the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology annual meeting of the podium, told the men: "Men can be their own sperm and egg cells fertilized bred, bred their own children." London
Royal College of ethicists Anna Si Magee made more than his own views on this: The technology allows a single adult men to be by his own sperm cells and cultivated by their own fertilized eggs, while the birth children of their own
Pregnant women not in menopause can also be carried out before;, of course, it also solves the problem of homosexual families of birth, which is a new form of cloning!
These possibilities made us create new problems: how to define the parents?
Who has the right to use this technology?
"But let us a little relieved that, this study is still in a much earlier stage." We still have a long way to go, the technology ultimately used in clinical least be 10 years, "experts say
. 10 years, maybe we can find the answers to those questions. two female mice with two eggs, breed a no "father" of the mouse 23 April 2004, scientists in Japan and South Korea
authority in the international scientific journal "Nature" on throwing a "blockbuster": two eggs with two female mice, bred a no "father" of the mouse. auspices of the research projects are in Tokyo, Japan
Agricultural University, Department of Applied Biological Science, Professor Kono Friends of the macro, he and South Korean scientists created a "single-sex reproduction" of the miracle of life, that is to bypass the needs of the father's genes to extract a number of immature female rats, there is no "genetic markers
"the egg, and then no variation with another" mother "contribution to egg fusion, to achieve the reorganization of the egg, and then chemically activated, the formation of embryonic mice, mice implanted in the uterus. This is the first human use of single-sex
Propagation of breeding offspring, breaking both male and female mammalian reproduction must rely on the inheritance, is a reproductive revolution. Survey - what men are willing to have children? women how to look? see here, you might ask
scientists busy in full swing, but it's real life with us in the end what relevance? the technology needs of mankind in the end is not it? Do not worry, the world is large, different from normal people and things everywhere. the first
look to see where the registration of doctors willing to children what men have it - 1, because his wife can not have children suffering from disease, while the husband is willing to do it; 2, homosexuals; 3, do not want to get married but want to have
the health of their children of a man; 4, male-transsexual woman; 5, sex freaks. From the perspective of reproductive science, everyone has the right to have a child with a self-DNA. This Technology
for the birth of hope ignited the crowd, so they support and the enthusiastic participation of a strong desire can be desired but it all. Survey - men have children, how do you see? man said - Jianping,
I do not like furniture dealers, pain, trouble. every year, marketing manager, no matter what age, in violation of natural things is always not good. Wei Yuan, director of planning as I do so by altering the genetic comparison of human freedom to fly it,
useful. Haotian, the site engineer call me a mother born? woman said - Wenwen, artists brokers well, a woman from birth to get rid of the pain and deformation of the body, so that men also experience a woman's right is not easy
. Ann, freelance excellent news. children this, the ideal state who love to be gifted students, who want children, who students. Why have to be added to woman ah! Chunhua,
Finance Director feel a bit awkward, really this way, whether men and women will be a lot normal change? Gao Lin, book dealers this is the best news this year, home to the handover of power. Expert attitude -
Medical experts: Human beings should not take the initiative to destroy the natural law, but it should also address the diverse forms of existence so is the current pregnancy, the fact that real men do not, since it can have, is difficult to give a clear answer. Of course, only from
technical point of view, this technology can be achieved. After all, pregnant women, the birth of a child through ectopic pregnancy, the fact that success breeds, both in foreign and domestic appeared, indicating that children may not be the only condition to have the uterus. Therefore, we believe that
You can select one of the real men for abdominal embryo where, of course, is very harsh conditions. However, from the medical point of view is not advocated, because it goes against the laws of nature. However, we have to admit that human society
development so far, there is in the form of diversification has become an inevitable reality, we can understand the aspirations of those who can not achieve growth expectations for new technology. To be sure, the technology research and development and implementation of, requiring multi-disciplinary
intervention, including gynecological, endocrine, psychological, ethical, legal experts, many of the common arguments and would be a very long road. heart experts: there exists a reasonable, which is the progress of human potential, is a man
the right of any women's double victory in the birth of new things are bound along with the more human perspective. "baby man" positive significance: human potential has been mining and development; human reproductive way more diverse
, which consequently may increase the quality of human fertility, provide the possibility for the prenatal and postnatal care. However, it will overturn the traditional challenge of human ethics. First, the social roles of men and women have an impact. The so-called social role,
refers to the role of the individual in the crowd, the reason why people want to live together, because a person can not do many things, there must be others to survive and better life. men and women together to form couples, there is division of labor
collaboration, division of the different roles are different. If men can have children, that is, an increase of the social roles of men and women's social role is reduced. Secondly, can also cause changes in gender awareness of gender. sexes is to know your gender and sex
different sexuality, if men gave birth to the fetus in the abdominal cavity, and perhaps let them have their own somewhat feminine, and it is possible for the male gender binary or fuzzy. And, inevitably, there is a new way of a series of Italian fertility
unexpected problems, such as children born men how prognosis, and its physiological and psychological and female students which will be different from other children. As for "men to have children," will it impact on women's reproductive rights, can not be generalized,
It is because some women because of possible loss of fertility, people began to think of the development function of male pregnancy. Therefore, instead it is the female reproductive incompetence, as it is a man willing to experience the joy of birth. This is the progress of human potential
is the dual male feminist victory. we may wish to treat the face of new things "men to have children", a sense of balance a variety of mental preparation, there exists reasonable, at the shock is not chaos, act according to circumstances. interesting
suspect - a man to have children, the world will happen? 1 maternity hospital will be renamed as "men (hard) production Hospital", maternal and child health station was renamed as the "father and child health station" 2, the purpose of weight loss will increase a man
one, to prevent others misunderstand their pregnancy 3, on the bus, women would have "general belly" seat 4 men, men have more reason to leave five leading men of terror when children cry, will make
delivering a high-risk industries Doctor 6, the street will see women wearing men's dress walking Tingzhuoduzi 7, the number of maternity to re-design, because the existing number may not be able to meet the burly "quasi-men
mother "the needs of pregnant